May 18, 2009

Naked Kombat Spencer Reed Vs. Dustin Michaels and Karter James


So for those of you who enjoyed seeing me on Naked Kombat the first time, you will love this. In this scene I take on two guys at once. Its me vs. Karter James and Dustin Michaels. They had the luxury of being able to tap out to replace each other throughout the match. This made things really brutal because I had to constantly be taking on a freshly rested competitor. However I am a hardcore mother fucker and did not show any mercy. I used my experience with Naked Kombat to my advantage and knew they would start off strong but fatigue quickly. Surely they did and thats when it was time for me step it up.

I especially liked this match not only because it was crazy but Karter James was a total fucking hottie. As soon as I got to see who I was going to be wrestling I was like I better win this shit cause I want to tear that ass up. Well your just going to have to watch if you want to see what happened. All I will say is someones hole got worked over!!!

We were ready for our first tag team match then one fighter got sick. Instead of calling the match, brave Spencer Reed decides to take on both Dustin Michaels and Karter James all by himself. Spencer, who is no stranger to Naked Kombat, is older and more experienced than his two opponents. Big Dustin Michaels is a farmboy and he's not a pushover with some wrestling experience. Karter James is a competitive swimmer. He's tall and lean with very strong legs. Will Spencer beat both newbies and fuck them? Or will the young bucks make Spencer their bitch for the day?

Photos and Video courtesy of Naked Kombat


kalob said...

Fuching hot as always, instant hard on!!

Anonymous said...

RIP Dustin Michaels

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